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The Spa, Hotel Tylösand

A vibrant, innovative and social spa located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden - where happiness, laughter and fun goes hand in hand with recovery and relaxation.


    • Concept & Design Consultancy
    • Mystery shopper
    • Refurbishment
    • Training
    • Continuous support for wellness offering


  • Outdoor pool with view
  • Pool with Cinema
  • Whirlpools
  • Dry, Soft and Steam Sauna
  • Foot baths
  • Cold plunge
  • Biohack wellness
  • 20 treatment rooms
  • Salon
  • Membership Club


    • Linghoff Arkitektur & Interiör
    • Ellance


The Spa at Hotel Tylösand has always been an industry leading spa on the Swedish market, and we have had a long relationship working together to make sure the success sustains to stay on top of the game!


We created a fresh concept direction for the spa to come even closer to the entertainment-theme of the hotel going towards a social, music-inspired, happy and “not quiet” spa in 2016, fueling on the trend in Sweden of social hangouts and getaways.


With innovative experiences such as cinema in the pool, Roxette music for the treatment, Spa Lab with mixing products and new bio-hacking treatments, the spa is truly a mix of the best in wellness and enjoyment.

Awards won

    2018  World Luxury Spa Awards  Luxury Business Hotel Spa N. Europe

    2017  World Luxury Spa Awards  Best Luxury Resort Spa N.  Europe

    2017  World Luxury Spa Awards  Best Luxury Business Hotel Spa Europe