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InterContinental Sun Peninsula, Danang

An upgrade and a complete re-launch of the spa concept, treatments and services for the resort’s 10th anniversary, transforming the current spa services into a more holistic wellness concept.


    • New Concept
    • Concept and design for additional facilities
    • New Spa Menu and selection of new brands
    • New Signature Yoga class for the resort; Frequency Yoga
    • Creation of new treatments, training and implementation of new treatments and rituals
    • Pre-Opening (re-launch) training
    • Spa Management Education
    • Continuous Spa Management Support
    • Additional facilities under development


  • 8 individual luxury spa villas by the lagoon with:
    • wet and heat experiences
    • marble hamam beds
    • marble bathtubs
    • integrated changing facilities
  • Bastian Gonzales Studio


    • Architect & Designer: Bill Bensley
    • Treatment brand: Subtle Energies
    • Spa equipment and treatment beds: Gharieni


The well-established spa is set upon a natural lagoon in the mountain valley of Son Tra, Danang, Vietnam. The focus was to build on the beautiful base that is already there and upgrade services, treatments and knowledge. Inviting guests to an initiation into wellness and an immersion into nature.


We have worked closely with the management team on the resort to ensure we create a concept that is in line with the special site. To create treatments and rituals that have a deeper meaning, adding ceremonial parts into the treatments to help our guests let go of things they no longer need and set a new path into wellness and wellbeing. To touch and stimulate the senses, we worked with sound and vibrations and integrated tuning forks into the spa journey, treatments and rituals. We worked closely with Subtle Energies to merge our signature features and gestures into the treatment protocol to ensure we create treatments truly tailormade for this resort.


The Spa explores the world of sound, vibrations and tones which have an impact on the human body and mind. The spa is named after the tones in the musical scale (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do). The treatments at Mi Sol Spa are inspired by these sounds. By using tuning forks to achieve different frequencies, guests can cleanse the body and mind and enter a world of deep relaxation. Mi Sol’s treatments are based on rituals. Rituals initiate something new and incorporate more than simple relaxation. The energy from sound waves and vibrations are the foundational element. The Mi Sol Concept is our recipe for self-love, wellbeing and wellness.