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LivNordic Hotels & Wellbeing

We are not trying to be different, we are simply being Nordic.

LivNordic was born in Sweden, our native country, out of the realization that the Nordic countries had something truly amazing to share with the world: a lifestyle that naturally led to our wellbeing, health and happiness.

A way to show the world just how simple wellness can be. We grew the LivNordic brand from our Scandinavian roots, values, traditions and deep abiding love for nature. It started as a successful spa concept that we implemented into and used as inspiration for several of our other spa projects and has now naturally evolved into a hotel and wellbeing brand.

Discover more about our LivNordic Hotels & Wellbeing brand.

LivNordic Hotels & Wellbeing is the result of decades of focused research, playful curiosity, creative workshops, meditations and brainstorming sessions, all inspired by the Nordic quality of life. With a heart-centered vision to light lights for people and nature, the brand is built upon ideals of sustainability, wellness and innovation – and continues to grow and evolve as we grow ourselves. From design to product choices, treatments and culinary offerings, LivNordic is a fresh, natural and healthy wellness experience where proven Nordic Wellness traditions blend with the latest technology and sustainable trends.

Since its launch in 2010, LivNordic Spa & Wellness can be found on Viking Ocean Cruise Ships, which have been winning awards since the first ship set sail. LivNordic Hotels & Wellbeing will soon be found around the world, starting with LivNordic Oaks in Prague. LivNordic is and always will be your home away from home; a place to connect, recharge and enjoy life – The Nordic Way.

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LivNordic Hotels & Wellbeing