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Away Spa, W Amsterdam

A very exciting project where we created a concept with a sense of community comprising interactive artisan creative spaces with DJ culture, fashion and wellness.


    • Concept
    • Design
    • Pre-opening project management


  • 802 sqm
  • Front living room with beauty bar, retail and workshop spaces
  • 4 single treatment rooms
  • 2 beaty treatment rooms
  • 1 double suite
  • Pool, wet and heat areas


    • Architect: BK Architecture
    • Naturopathica
    • Owner and developer: STAG Europe

"We are very excited to introduce this great tool to our spas. We, too, have very much enjoyed working with you, and are very pleased with the outcome of the Director Exchange Program. Thank you for your tremendous work!"

Hilton Worldwide


To create an upbeat modern wellness scene within the historical Art Deco vaults of the W Landmark building in Amsterdam. The owner’s vision was to connect the spa with an art workshop space to create an inspiring ambience and community feel, expanding beyond the boundaries of a traditional spa setting. 


We worked with the architects to retain original design elements and integrate an eclectic mix of Art Deco and modern design. We then focused on the interaction of the cocktail culture and explorative workshops with associated wellness trends by using the body, face and nails as a living canvas for art and wellbeing. Treatments, for example, were choreographed rituals to light and music, and we eliminated the need for a formal reception desk, creating a “welcome to my living room” experience instead. 


The resulting spa became a bold and exciting addition to the wellness scene in Amsterdam.

Awards won

    • 2018 Luxury Boutique Spa Europe World Luxury Spa Awards
    • 2018 Luxury Historical Hotel Spa Europe World Luxury Spa Awards
    • 2018 Luxury Urban Escape- Europe, World Luxury Spa Awards
    • 2017 Luxury Urban Escape- Europe, World Luxury Spa Awards
    • 2017 Luxury Emerging Spa- Europe, World Luxury Spa Awards
    • 2017 Luxury Boutique Spa- Netherlands, World Luxury Spa Awards