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How do we ensure quality and consistency while developing our spa management team?


    • Project based consultation
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  • International hotel chain
  • 600 hotels in 90 countries


    • Hilton Worldwide

“We are very excited to introduce this great tool to our spas. We, too, have very much enjoyed working with you, and are very pleased with the outcome of the Director Exchange Program. Thank you for your tremendous work!”

Director, Spa Concepts Hilton Worldwide


Hilton Worldwide wanted to better involve spa directors in high-level strategic business analysis and planning activities through a “Spa Director Exchange Program.”  How can an organization of nearly 600 hotels in over 90 countries maintain consistently high standards in their spas, as well as develop their spa management team in the booming spa and wellness market?


We observed and interacted with the Hilton group’s existing spa directors, managers, staff and systems to first understand what was in place, what worked and what needed attention. From our findings, we then developed a comprehensive audit system that targeted every aspect of a spa operation and would allow spa directors to better understand how their individual spas could be developed in line with Hilton’s overall standards and strategies. 


In five months, we created a detailed program that ensured a robust quality management system, consistency of product, shared knowledge and internal management development. Win-win for all.