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Our wellness tribe

We collaborate with brands we believe in. Meet the people, brands and suppliers that inspire and support us, so we can support you.

Suppliers supporting us – so we can support you

What makes us connect with these brands, ambitious entrepreneurs, visionary people and high- quality suppliers? They have all walked that extra mile to create best quality products, equipment and ideas and we have built professional and strong relationships with them throughout the years.

Every product we recommend for a project we have also personally tested and tried. And sometimes we have even been collaborating and giving advice and input in their product development.

Our integrity is very important to us and we always remain free to recommend any brand or company we like. We always choose what’s best for your project and we have no ready-made fits, it’s all tailor-made and handpicked. We don’t take any kick-backs - the only one benefitting from our collaborations is you.

Our source for inspiration is endless. We travel, we connect with people, we share, we study, and we learn within the team. But we are also connected to valuable and unique sources and inspiring people, so we can constantly be infused with new information, input and inspiration when it comes to latest trends, technology, wellness and health knowledge, research and much more. These are some of the people and brands that inspire us: