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Our heart projects

Our vision has always been to light lights in people’s lives, our own and across the world. It’s in our footprint and in our DNA. We are not aiming to just light lights for other human beings, but also, for our Mother Earth. Therefore, sustainability is one of our heart projects where we always turn that extra stone to ensure that the spas we create, open and operate are following the same path and do everything possible to only leave green footprints behind. 

We are also engaging, both as a company, and as individuals in various heart-projects where we feel we can make an impact to light lights for others. Our team members are involved in the Global Wellness Day and World Wellness Weekend, and our founder is a founding board member of the Global Wellness Summit. We have members contributing as Ambassador for One Well World, charity Directors and volunteers at various charities and charitable events around the world. These are our heart-projects.

We support organizations we believe are lighting lights and do work that matters. These are just some of the organizations we support and are involved in: