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Mariell Arrhenius

Hi, I am Mariell and I have been with the company since 2016, first in our operational team as Spa Manager. My passion is wellness and I have traveled the world working with wellness within high-end hospitality for over 10 years before settling in this office position where I found my home. Having worldwide experience behind me has built not only my confidence and integrity, but also my empathy, gratitude and understanding of the world, its people and its diversity.

My passion for work:

My passion in work is to see people grow, to help, guide people to evolve and redefine their happiness. To live in gratitude and balance with what life gives and what I can also give, brings me joy – to see people discovering what our company can give and what they can give to our company in return.

My Raison d’Etre:

My Raison d’Etre is being able to explore, evolve, grow, redefine and learn as well as meditate and pause. I am one who jumps onto different wellness trends to see if they would be something for me, I am one who loves to grow my own vegetables and then spend the whole day preparing a festive meal for the whole family and I am one who loves to sit quietly in a comfortable chair and dive into interesting literature and just pause for myself a bit… A little bit of yin and a little bit of yang.


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