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Lee-Ann Galloway

I began my career after completing a three year Somatology qualification in Cape Town, South Africa, and have remained dedicated to the health and beauty industry since 2010. My journey with Raison d’Etre began in 2017 when I joined LivNordic, onboard Viking Ocean Cruises as a Beauty Therapist and progressed to the role of Spa Manager. After my ocean-based career, I transitioned to become a Spa Educator and Trainer. A journey which has led me to travel to various international spas where I have the privilege of imparting my knowledge, expertise and passion, while actively participating in the development and growth of wellness establishments around the world.

My Passion for Work:

My passion for work is a driving force that inspires me to continuously learn and grow so that I’m able to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of those I serve, and for them to continue that effect. My mission is to create an unwavering commitment to serving guests with thoughtful intention, high standards and creating heartfelt experiences along the way, touching the lives of each guest one-by-one.

My Raison d’Etre:

My reason for being is rooted in making a meaningful impact on the lives of the people I meet, where people feel seen, heard and valued. It is equally important for me to always do this for myself too and am always on some sort of personal journey. I love exploring,  finding beauty in the small things in life, doing crafty things, and filling my cup with a daily dose of some sort of mindful activity.


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