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Kabelo Magagane

I began my journey in the Beauty and Wellness industry in 2013, and I’ve loved and embraced every moment since. I studied Somatology and am also CIDESCO certified.

I began working on cruise ships right after college, and thanks to the versatility of my qualifications I was able to choose what I would like to practice while onboard. In between cruise ship contracts, I lived and worked in Doha and Dubai and experienced a bit of the Middle Eastern flair. I joined Liv Nordic onboard Viking Cruises in 2019 as a massage therapist, and here I am today as a Spa trainer.

My passion for work:

As a Spa Trainer, you get exposed to many different environments, energies and auras. I thrive on seeing people find and ignite their passion for what they do or when they ignite their passion again. Whenever I leave a place or group that I have been with and see so much upliftment, confidence and increased passion, my heart becomes full.

My Raison d’Etre:

In this industry, learning is a never-ending journey, and I have made continuous learning part of my life. Traveling was a big part of it, and when you see the world from a different perspective, you realize how much there is still to learn out there. I love stillness and the feel of crisp air, and I experience this a lot while hiking and enjoying beautiful scenery.


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