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Josefin Roth

Hi, I am Josefin and I have been with Raison d’Etre since 2012. Apart from project management, I also lead the branding for the wellness concept  LivNordic. Strategic development, conceptual planning and designing experiences is not only my daily work, it’s my passion.I come from a spa operational background with a tourism and health degree, including certified spa therapist and fitness instructor. I am also a graphic designer.

My passion for work:

For me, wellness means a lot and it has become a lifestyle which really enriches my life. My mission is to inspire others to find easy ways to do the same. I thrive in creating experiences where others can refuel, boost oxytocin, ease pain and in other different ways enjoy life to the utmost. This combined with my love for interior and graphic design, makes my job very fulfilling.

My Raison d’Etre:

There are so many things that I appreciate in life, but what really makes me thrive is to explore and learn new things. I am one of those persons that always are signed up for a course, seeking out new extraordinary destinations or challenging myself with a new piece in music.



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