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Gwen Tan-Wynne

Hello, I’m Gwen, the latest addition to the Raison d’Etre family. As the Spa Operations Manager, my responsibility is overseeing and coordinating all facets from pre-opening to the launch of a spa. I collaborate closely with clients and the spa team to integrate all operational aspects seamlessly, ensuring the successful opening and profitability of spas. Currently, I reside in Hong Kong with my husband, three boys, and our affectionate black Labrador, Pepper.

My work passion:

Drawing from my diverse background in hospitality and unwavering dedication to wellness, I’m inspired to create a nurturing environment, fostering well-being for our staff because I truly believe that genuine, heartfelt service is the key to delivering transformative wellness experiences — that ultimately lead guests toward a path of self-discovery, balance and a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

My Raison d’Etre:

I find immense joy in the travels with my family, especially relish witnessing my boys’ curiosity and takeaways as they explore the richness of diverse cultures, the beauty of nature, and savor the culinary delights each place has to offer. My career as a wellness facilitator, coupled with my experience in the hospitality and spa industry, has profoundly enriched my life. This journey has led to my deepest passion and life’s true calling, forming the very essence of my existence.


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