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Beata Reder

Hey-Hey, my name is Beata, the Hungarian HR administrator at Raison d’Etre since 2019. I studied environmental engineering and quality management and fortunately for me, got to work on cruise ships for a decade. I gained a vast amount of experience in the field of human resources and hospitality business, specializing in the cruise Industry. Just before changing roles, I was invited to become the crewing manager for Viking ocean. I relocated myself to the Head Office in Basel, Switzerland, where I spent 2.5 amazing years expanding my knowledge involving 6 ocean ships and over 2000 crew.

My passion for work:

I want to be better day by day. Embarking a team to a cruise ship is like the Matrix and we decode the rows every second. There is always something to learn and always a different way to get to a solution. Successful people believe, they are patient and most importantly they NEVER GIVE UP.

My Raison d’Etre:

I adore the culinary arts and am working on being an excellent chef myself. I love discovering new ways for a better, happier and healthier lifestyle. I am a mom of two little Hobbits and for this reason, not to wonder – I believe in miracles.


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