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5 benefits of using spa consultants for your next project

It’s not a question of if you should use spa consultants or not, it’s a question of which professional spa consultants you should use. By not employing the expertise and knowledge of the best spa industry consultants, you’ll miss out on a lot of benefits helping you increase revenue and an array of other things.

In this article we’ll cover the top 5 reasons why you should hire spa design consultants for your next project, and all potential future spa projects.

1. To innovate and improve

It’s a common misconception that a spa design needs to include A, B and C to be able to satisfy the customer. While it’s certainly true a spa needs a few key facilities such as massage salons, saunas, baths, etc., with the assistance of spa consultants you can begin to understand a more innovative, progressive and in general: improved side of spa facilities which is not limited to the basic services.

Do you want to offer a unique sauna experience? Think stone baths, a rustic sauna, brechelbaths and much, much more.

Ordinary treatments, while always a safe card, are becoming increasingly outdated. Spa consultants allow you to implement an innovative and creative holistic approach to healthy wellbeing. Something that will stand out from the crowd, but still in line with spa customer expectations.

2. Access to experience and data

ROI (Return on investment) is always a touchy subject regardless of whether it’s about marketing or hiring spa consultants. When developing spas, data is usually overlooked in our experience. While it is the rough and tumble side of spa design, it’s an area with loads of potential, and when used correctly will provide great results.

The best spa industry consultants bring with them a plethora of experience and data to support every aspect of developing a spa, everything from finances to the design of the spa, allowing you to better optimise operational, design and service features to save money and create a better experience for spa goers.

3. Reduced costs to save money

During the project of building a spa, overhead costs will slowly but surely build up and potentially sow the seeds of doubt, uncertainty and indecisiveness that will be reflected poorly in your spa’s outcome. Perhaps the cost of a certain design is a bit overwhelming, causing you to take a different approach which will result in an unstructured spa facility, something much more mediocre than your initial vision.

Managing the costs of operational, design and service is a crucial aspect of managing a spa project, thus further justifying the reasons for hiring spa consultants and accessing their knowledge on how to establish a spa.

4. Better communication

Customer service and staff relationships are two core principles to a successful spa. No matter how great and modern your establishment and spa services are; without adequate customer service and in-house communication, you will be at a deficit. It is often said that a spa experience is only as good as the customer’s experience.

Working with spa consultants will help you and your staff get the right training and knowledge of procedure and protocol when dealing with customers. You’ll learn everything there is to establish and nurture customer relationships before, during and after the spa visit.

The same applies to the in-house communication. You’ll be assisted in creating effective communication flows to pave the way for a successful and enjoyable spa environment for everyone within the organization.

5. Vendor relationships

An often-unseen benefit is the access you get to the spa consultants network of vendors. They will be able to point you in the right direction of trustworthy vendors they’ve previously worked with and can help you succeed. Everything from the products to the right facility, spa consultants can provide full transparency in knowledge that you need to establish your business successfully.

Hire spa consultants from Raison d’Etre

Raison d’Etre is one of the leading spa consulting firms on the market. We strive for excellence on all levels with our spa consulting services, assisting you in creating the best spa concept and operation for you.

We firmly believe that the success of a spa relies on three simple factors where our spa consultants will help you achieve balance between them:

  • A strong, inspiring creative concept
  • A sensibly planned and operationally supportive layout
  • A systematic, sustainable business approach in combination with a steady and heartfelt leadership

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